Animi Causa - Comfort on the new.

I’m used to the strange, non-standard furniture. I love to surround themselves with interesting things. Frankly, I hesitate to even classify it. Sofa, bed, chair, mattress … Perhaps, once all together.

3 July 2006 | , , comfort furniture thing updated
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We all love something unusual. This thing almost never see anyone else.
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Original design designer Mehdi Mojtabvi, “Mattress of Love”, created especially for couples who love in a dream to enter each other’s arms.
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The draft of the Netherlands Agency Hofman Dujardin really ambitious - it is a gigantic architectural structure in the form of a chair, which rises above the clouds, above the local skyline.
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Designer Gavin Munro from the UK has invented a very unconventional way to create furniture.
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