About advertising in the context of the Internet “Artlenta - COMMUNITY Building for designers

Artlenta - a game for designers, whose meaning lies in the fact that a person draws a picture, which continues the previous one.
The formal condition is that the joints between the pictures were not visible.

As a result, forms the backbone of constantly portrays artlenty and length can be a life-long:)

12 July 2006 | , artlenta, condition, designer, game, image, internet, man, meaning

So, what is not taught in school design
Packaging designer chocolates “from Art Lebedev has failed in the market

• Lebedev Studio has published the results of a set on job technical designer - 6 »»»
There are encouraging picture. It is interesting to note that the conditions of the problem seemed to many applicants impracticable, so the work sent in two times less than in previous times.
• Music is better if there was »»»
Known site Worth1000 held a competition among designers to determine what albums people would not like to see on store shelves.
• They paint everything! »»»
Cool thing started on Yandex - allows you to draw cards yourself.
• Robot-site or both can do with Flash Taiwanese »»»
It is unfortunate that such sites is not enough. Everything draws your attention.
• "Curves hands" - not a diagnosis! »»»
You know how beautiful drawing? Personally, I do not. In life, the most that I can draw, so it’s a little Krivovaty flower or not the ideal house.