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On September 1, 2006 starts a new daily project - “Business-Lynch” (earlier - quarterly “whipped”). Terms of lynching are extremely simple - interested in a review of the designer loads the image - illustration, website, logo and layout of advertisements, book covers, object, etc. - that either I (Artem Lebedev), or any other art director or designer, an impartial comment on inherent in each of us fashion.

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Why are many information sites used in the subject heading as “clouds”?
Online master presentation

• Where are you, "Maestro"? »»»
There is a site Lebedev Studio is a good topic of business Lynch, where anyone can submit their work to criticism.
• Lebedev Studio or a log in his eye »»»
The site Lebedev Studio is the section “Business-Lynch. There, they sent them to criticize the work.
• Modern.life "Awareness of principles of good web design »»»
We have all heard the expression: “Do not judge a book by its cover” … but let us at the moment let us be realistic.
• Lebedev Studio: criticism of Microsoft »»»
Roma Voronezh, a member of the Lebedev Studio, the daily column “Business-Lynch criticized the new interface from Microsoft.
• "Gazeta.ru," was designed from Lebedev »»»
Readers’ Gazety.Ru “Friday see your site in a new design.