Creator Olympic Bears accused of plagiarism authors symbol of Sochi-2014

Illustrator Victor Chizhikov, who created the Olympic Mishka to the Games of 1980 in Moscow, accused of plagiarism sponsors White Bears - one of the symbols of Sochi-2014. “The polar bear, which is chosen, it all integrally contracted with my - eyes, nose, mouth, smile, although it is distorted,” - said the artist in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio. ”

Chizhikov responded negatively on all projects that were submitted for the contest. “None of them have serious attitude,” - he said.

27 February 2011

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Lebedev Studio caught in plagiarism

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Competition “Mascot for the Olympics Sochi 2014 In occasion of the All-Russia competition on the choice of mascot for the Olympiad in Sochi, a resource creaturedesign.
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Sometimes the studio makes for a discovery that the best talent sitting right under their noses.