Lebedev Studio caught in plagiarism

There is such a plant in the suburbs - Karbolit. Built it at the dawn of sovetstkoy power, and for a long time, he was the only and largest in the Union enterprise producing plastic products. As expected, there is a “Karbolita” and its logo, which sold for many millions of items across the country (it is enough to say that all Position, stop lamps, reflectors and other automotive tryahomudiyu in Sovdepiia made solely on the “Karbolit). That is a sign - arhiizvestny.
And here is a damn! - Lebedev said in the studio and, after receiving the fee, was given a 100-year mark “Karbolita Kaluga region. Learn suckers as loot hack!

1 March 2011

Creator Olympic Bears accused of plagiarism authors symbol of Sochi-2014
Harmony in the interior

• Company Alt-A »»»
Company 'Alt-A' is considered one of the leading enterprises for the production of packing equipment, packing equipment and food equipment.
• In Britain, there was a farm on cultivation of furniture »»»
Designer Gavin Munro from the UK has invented a very unconventional way to create furniture.
• Station-volcano and the field-hotel »»»
Fashionable style of shelter is grass roofs and hide under the green building holmy.
• " onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">In Kaliningrad, learned to "draw" sites. »»»
Long years of being in it-technologies in Kaliningrad more notice that the design, the development of various projects ah-ti did not give due importance.
• Booth made! »»»
Well. Finally, all that tossing in my imagination and stirred my thoughts, today received its actual implementation, thus giving me peace and confidence.