Website design as a company presentation on the Internet - will work or not?

Develop a web-site at the industry today wrapped in legends, most of all, in terms of pricing. When ordered the creation of websites, the prices of the design are formed in many cases not transparent to the customer. Some studios share the designs on the styles, but most recommend a uniform price for website design or bid on the entire range of works.
In such circumstances, the customer often feels cheated, because that control the price of the final product, pending the development of the site is not capable, not knowing the price of certain types of work. For ourselves, we understand that the typology of design of the website is small, yet necessary and the separation of the classes also. At first glance, this complicates the process of developing the website, however, demonstrated how the work carried out, visitors are much easier to spend an hour on trying to understand what they can choose and what expenses to which the embodiment of hope.
Thus, classification.
We have identified a total of four class design web-site labor costs and the required skill level of designers.
Economy Class
Business Class
Design economy - class focuses on low cost projects. Development of such a design is carried out for the website starting level, based on the finished elements. While the overall website design is completely unique.
Design a business-class means the designer’s work more excellent qualifications. In such a design drawing of meaningful elements is performed manually, which takes time and high on the establishment.
Design Premium is drawn manually by designers all excellent qualifications.
In an exclusive design of a varying number of modifications, it worked out with the highest degree of detail.

Division into classes is small, precisely because it was introduced as the division into types of design. Such division is due to the fact that social networking and promotional website are based on different principles and involve different amounts of graphics.
As an important type of design, we determined
Typical design of the site
Promotional design
Store design
Design Social Network
Design thematic website
The value of the design must depend ultimately on the type and class design, but in this version, the customer will be able to develop the site to select exactly what he needed on the parameters and cost.
However, the design of the website - this is only the initial stage on the way to really high-quality, income-generating project. Equally important is the domain - ru desirable for web-oriented sites ðóíåò, com for commercial, etc. Without a balanced usability and seo optimization, without proper updating of content and integration into business processes enterprise site will be a waste of money.

24 March 2011

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