Modern trends in modinge laptops.

Modern computer trends are that an increasing share of the market occupied by portable computers - laptops. The main differences of notebooks from desktops: low weight, compactness, and the constant presence beside his owner, wherever he was: at work, at school, at home or on vacation. After buying a new laptop it looks like a toy, with a perfect glossy or matte surface, without a single scratch or scuff. But no matter how carefully and accurately, we did not do with your pet, with time on its cover gets scratched and abrasions caused by constant movement of the notebook.

But so eager to keep its original appearance, as long as possible! Our 3D stickers - this is the best way to prevent the “aging” of your laptop! Our stickers are produced using high-quality lenticular plastic, capable of reliably protecting your device from scratches and abrasion. But the most important thing is that our stickers for laptops - is not only a way to protect your laptop, but also a great opportunity to stand out! Almost all notebooks in black, less white and pink flowers. This makes them look like a dull, monotonous boxes. Add bright colors and effectively identify your pet from this mass will help our three-dimensional stickers! Bright vivid colors, exclusive images and a stunning amount of guarantee that your laptop will attract a lot of attention and causes only positive emotions of others! Modern technologies have allowed us to introduce into their labels, such effects as animations, zumm, morphing, multi-stereo, 3D conversion. A set of such effects as the amount of ups and animation modding a laptop to a new previously unheard uroven.Dlya your convenience, all stickers in our online shop are sorted and grouped by categories. In each section you will find a brief description, the appearance of the volume label and its price.

A new service in our shop! Now you can own to try yourself as a designer and order your own design volume labels for your laptop. This could anything, the volume label is based on your favorite games, your company logo or just a pretty picture you found on the Internet.
The advantages of our labels, before vinyl analogues:
-Dimensional image.
Dynamics-image effects (animation, zumm, morphing).
-Each sticker is made individually and strictly on the size of a laptop client.
-The price of our labels comparable to the price of conventional vinyl stickers. And this is disproportionately the most spectacular stickers and much more complicated process of manufacture.
-Ability to order a sticker with its own stereo-vario design.

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8 April 2011

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