Media Value - Monitoring of outdoor advertising

Mtdia Value Company announces the launch of an independent moniitoringa outdoor advertising in 100 cities RF.Analiz effectiveness of outdoor reklamy.Anliz konkurentov.Organizatsiya tenders and maintenance of advertising campaigns

2 May 2011

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• The company "Magiruss" - Outdoor advertising »»»
Beginning in 2009 the main focus of the company was processing trade and office premises indoor and outdoor advertising.
• New masterpiece Lebedev Studio »»»
The Moscow city advertising “deals ornament Russia’s capital on weekdays and holidays, as well as the manufacture and placement of outdoor advertising media.
• Major brands is exchanged for detail »»»
Periodically, advertising agencies received offers to participate in the tender for the development of any concept.
• Advertising agency Advertising Success Magnitogorsk »»»
Advertising agency Advertising Success - the best agency in Magnitogorsk unified service advertising.
• Architects publicly refused to do office Mail.Ru, citing disagreement with the company's business ethics »»»
In an open letter to Facebook Share to the signatures of nine leaders of the architectural companies in Russia addressed to top management DST, Mail.