Booth made!

Well. Finally, all that tossing in my imagination and stirred my thoughts, today received its actual implementation, thus giving me peace and confidence.

Booth made!

However, it was not without negative side to this event. I immediately began tormenting question. What’s next? But really I knew the answer to this question. And these responses (answers to questions that later) has long been built for several years ahead.

What really worries me then?
Words to reply, I have not found any.

13 May 2011

The car and the man
Candle factory. Carved and designer handmade candles.

• Summit participants prepared in Rostov-on-Don "Potemkin villages" - remonted buildings draped with rags »»»
We even before the summit preoccupied question that they are going to show in Rostov for his guests.
• Technology web design for over the Internet. »»»
If you intend to do anything that is related to Web architecture (and this is a very wide field of activities: they may be.
• Lebedev Studio caught in plagiarism »»»
There is such a plant in the suburbs - Karbolit.
• What to do ... Answers to all questions »»»
What to do - this issue from day to day finds us unprepared.
• How to set a background sound or music on the site. »»» devoted to the study of HTML, XHTML and CSS.