The project “Battle of the Three Capitals”

Battle of the three capitals - this is hip-hop battle: the best of the three residential areas (Moscow, Sank-Petersburg and Perm) compete in graffiti, breakdancing, freestyle and scratch.

8 June 2011

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• Capital alter the historical appearance - replica replacing historic building. Tourists will soon have nothing to show »»»
The distortion of the historical image of Moscow began in the early twentieth century, when the city constructed multi-storey apartment houses.
• Graffiti on a skyscraper »»»
Cozdateli graffiti from the laboratory Graffiti Research Lab via a standard laptop, projector, 5000 ANSI DLP, 60mw laser and other technical devices decorated with graffiti tall building in Rotterdam.
• Graffiti auf einem Wolkenkratzer »»»
Cozdateli Graffiti aus dem Labor Graffiti Research Lab über einen Standard-Laptop, Projektor, 5000 ANSI DLP, 60mW Laser-und andere technische Geräte mit Graffiti-Hochhauses in Rotterdam eingerichtet.
• In England, for $ 300 thousand apartment for sale the size of a billiard table »»»
Parameters of apartment, located in prestigious Knightsbridge area of London, which explains its high price, are 3,3 by 1,6 meters.
• "Olympus" will remain on the plasma screens in the Moscow Metro. »»»
The company “Car Cell”, which is a 5-year won the right to sell advertising surfaces in the Moscow subway, will not be able to post videos on 216 screens located at subway stations in Moscow.