Learn to swing with video SibNet.Ru

Hello dear readers of my blog!
Not so long ago I was in search of their internal resource provider came across a great resource-Sibnet.Ru
This portal provides subscribers with the Siberian Branch RostTelekoma torrent tracker, a storage strimingovogo
Video and many other vkusnyashek.
Today I’ll share ways to download files from this resource.
On the page so that you want to download, pull out the address from the address bar, type video.sibnet.ru/video346220 /
We put in a notebook the URL, and copy the latest figures (ID clip)
Substitute numbers instead of stars at this URL:
video.sibnet.ru / upload / video / ***. flv
We pass on the resulting ssylochku … And happy downloading!

UPD: Soon will share a script that automates these steps
UPD2: Not UserJS, but still - sirse.ru / sibnet.html automaton rules links to videos, making them available for download. Clickability received soon add links ^ _ ^

15 October 2011

Began selling the new Nokia N9 mashines
Anastasia-Furniture - custom-made furniture, design and maintenance

• Center sales of digital products »»»
Our store offers only high quality products and proven sellers.
• In Pakistan, created the Muslim Facebook »»»
Six young professionals in the field of IT from Lahore launched a project called Millatfacebook, which is the Muslim equivalent of the popular social network.
• A little country town house in »»»
The English word country has two meanings: the country and village.
• Porter-Lawler Model »»»
Motivation just reward function expended (fair-unfair), effort, received the degree of the results of satisfaction.
• Google is changing its home page design »»»
The world’s largest Internet search engine Google in the near future will change the design of its home page - these changes will be most severe in the history of the portal.