10 innovative materials

Development of new materials that have increased performance and functionality are the main driving force of innovation in recent years. According to research by the European Commission and the Department of Industrial Technology Innovation, 70% of all new innovative products are based on materials with new and improved properties. These innovative materials and associated technology changes take off so fast that designers and architects barely have time to get acquainted with them, on the other hand, this rapid process allows to implement the most unimaginable ideas and projects.

13 February 2012

The history of the holiday, “Valentine’s Day”
Porter-Lawler Model

• The work of designers RIA Novosti became the winners of the European Awards »»»
For the first time right design works eleven media holding RIA Novosti is not only reached the final.
• Technology web design for over the Internet. »»»
If you intend to do anything that is related to Web architecture (and this is a very wide field of activities: they may be.
• Anastasia-Furniture - custom-made furniture, design and maintenance »»»
The company “Anastasia-Furniture” manufactures cabinet furniture made to order for 8 years and has its own industrial base.
• In Moscow, will not be the largest skyscraper in the world. Tower "Russia", "shortened" by 40% »»»
The city authorities have approved a new plan to build a skyscraper, “Russia” in the “Moscow City”.
• Die Arbeit der Designer RIA Novosti wurde die Gewinner der European Awards »»»
Zum ersten Mal richtige Design arbeitet elf Medien Holding RIA Novosti ist nicht nur das Finale erreichte.