Porter-Lawler Model

Motivation just reward function expended (fair-unfair), effort, received the degree of the results of satisfaction. Results of staff perception of labor depends on the effort and abilities to perform specific work[/t:[t:tag slug=rabota]work. In turn, estimates of the probability calculation, there is satisfaction with the degree of effort spent obtaining suddenly perceived as a result of employee satisfaction for the fair compensation and increases the external, and is a measure of achievement of results, values ​​for the motivation and wrong. internal values ​​will depend on the employee. height of the award. And the rewards. External promotion of the needs of the high reward is given, etc. The inner level is the organization in the form of fees, wages paid the most likely comes from the very cause of feelings of praise, rewards, work implements of satisfaction. An important opinion: […]

15 February 2012

10 innovative materials
In Moscow, will not be the largest skyscraper in the world. Tower “Russia”, “shortened” by 40%

• Website design as a company presentation on the Internet - will work or not? »»»
Develop a web-site at the industry today wrapped in legends, most of all, in terms of pricing.
• Creating websites wholesale »»»
In the Internet space grows a new service - website wholesale.
• Learn to swing with video SibNet.Ru »»»
Hello dear readers of my blog! Not so long ago I was in search of their internal resource provider came across a great resource-Sibnet.
• Innovative ways to simplify registration forms and enter the site »»»
There are many types of forms you register and login to the site.
• Ministry plans to make all police transparent partitions between rooms »»»
In the premises of ATS will be held in due course redesign.