In Moscow, will not be the largest skyscraper in the world. Tower “Russia”, “shortened” by 40%

The city authorities have approved a new plan to build a skyscraper, “Russia” in the “Moscow City”. It will be much lower than the original draft.

If 10 years ago Tower “Russia” was to be the largest skyscraper in the world, now on record have decided to give up. Instead of 612 meters height of the building will be only 360 meters. The relevant parameters are adopted, Urban Land Commission (SLC) of the Government of Moscow.

Reduced and the total area of ​​the building - from 520 to 350 thousand square meters. m

It is assumed that the project will cost about 25 billion rubles, and to complete its planned in 2016.

Design of “Moscow City” began in 1992. It was planned that there will Krasnopresnenskaya waterfront business district, which will move to offices of large companies. However, the crisis of 2008. and the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov, was not allowed to translate this idea into practice. The main complex of buildings to service the International Financial Centre decided to send outside the Moscow Ring Road, leaving the “Moscow City” only a fraction of the original functions.

14 March 2012

Porter-Lawler Model
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