Ministry plans to make all police transparent partitions between rooms

In the premises of ATS will be held in due course redesign, which will eliminate the possibility of wrongdoing by their employees, informs “Interfax” referring to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Sergei Gerasimov.

“We need to bring the design departments of Police, which will minimize the possibility of wrongdoing by staff,” - said Gerasimov at the end of an extraordinary board meeting of the Russian Interior Ministry in Kazan.

According to Gerasimov, “if police departments do not have the concept of individual rooms, where you can commit any illegal act, then it is in fact leads to the fact that the number of such offenses by the police will be minimized.”

The deputy minister said with regret that the police departments are now built “somewhat different principle.”

“We need it (printsip. -” Interfax “) conceptual change, it is necessary to redesign all of the buildings, it takes a lot of money … I think that gradually we will move to such designs,” - he said.

The Head of Tatarstan Ministry of Internal Affairs Asgat Safarov, today received a reprimand from Rashid Nurgaliyev for the rape of a detainee to death in one of the Kazan ATS, in turn, added that he would like to see in the police departments were transparent partitions between rooms working on a western model, but also lamented that it is expensive.

15 March 2012

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