“Yandex” has shown the new design of its homepage

The companyYandex” has posted a new version of the design of its home page on the site new.yandex.ru.
Compared with the current version, the new version of the design of information on the main page of “Yandex” has decreased markedly. Search string with the company logo and a list of services, “Yandex” has become a visual on it much less. With the slogan of the company’s logo disappeared (”There is everything”) and was only one brand.

Panel to enter the postal service “Yandex” from the left side of the page, where it has traditionally housed the last few years, moved to the top right corner of the site. Also on the main page there are fewer references to the company’s other services - in particular, from the bottom of the page was removed to “Today in the blogs,” which became the tab “blogs” next to “News” tab at the top of the site.

As noted by some users, the new version of the home page of “Yandex” strongly reminiscent of the Turkish company’s search engine at yandex.com.tr. Recall that “Yandex” has announced the launch of its own portal in Turkey at yandex.com.tr, and opened an office in Istanbul in September last year.

9 April 2012

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