Button for 144 million dollars

New York taxi driver performs orders by an average of $ 90,747 per year. The city of about 13,267 taxis. In 2007, authorities in New York was obliged to accept payment by bank card, with the installation of touch screen for payment.

In the calculation, the user is offered three default buttons for the tip: 20%, 25% and 30%. When taking only cash, the average tip is about 10%. After introducing the system into operation, the percentage jumped to tip 22%. That $ 144,146,165 of additional tip.

13 May 2012

Smilies what is it?
Move the time! (2012)

• About the big red button »»»
The most furious at sots.servisah situation where the User registered, authorized and ready to write something, and begins a journey on the links, buttons to get finally in the form of adding content - news, bukmarka, photos, anything.
• Creating banners »»»
Creation of banners is not a simple matter. Note the large number of nuances: to create a beautiful design that matches the client’s needs.
• New Intel Logo »»»
So, a new icon will appear for a Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Core i7.
• In Windows 8 will not "Start" button »»»
In the beta version of Windows 8 is not provided by the button “Start” menu and the same name.
• CB suggested Russians choose a graphic symbol of the ruble »»»
Central Bank of Russia has the population to take part in public discussions of the character of the ruble, choose one of the favorite and explain their choices.