Move the time! (2012)

Unlikely events shaking France. All the characters are well-known novel by Jules Verne lived and, without knowing it, are the chaos and destruction. And all because the new president of France and Minister of Culture, conceived in the novels make great pisatelyapravki and mixed everything. Save the situation can only be a team of four gifted children who are sent back in time to return all stories on track and put the heroes of Jules Verne back to the pages of books.

21 May 2012

Button for 144 million dollars
The work of designers RIA Novosti became the winners of the European Awards

• Unusual unique gifts in Almaty on birthdays and weddings. »»»
Unusual unique gifts in Almaty on birthdays and weddings. gift certificate - a proven way to present an unusual bright present.
• Designers in the mood: A prototype of a toaster with a turbo »»»
We live in a time when the critical lack of time, pardon the pun.
• "Destroyer of Time": calendar is not for the faint of heart »»»
Remarkable unusual and very effective design designer Susan Hertridzh Chrono_shredder makes time in a very material and visual process.
• Smallest recorder in the world have done in Zelenograd »»»
Digital Voice Recorder Edic-Mini Tiny A31, developed by "Telesystems", recorded in the 2009 Guinness Book of Records as the smallest and lightest recorder in the world.
• On the cover of children's notebook reads: "The best pilots of World War II, the Germans are, and that those who shot down our planes" »»»
As our children to cram an inferiority complex in the Notebook Cover 48 sheets from the series “Combat aircraft” notebook made by the Mayak Chancellor.