How to install the VC group at the site wordprees?

Many sites already have your group on the VC! This is due to the fact that social sety can attract a lot of traffic! Think about the numbers facebook user base of 800 million tweeter 300 000 000 168 000 000 cr!

To set up a group of VC you have to pass on the link will / developers.php? O = -1 & p =% D0% A1% D0% B0% D0% B9% D1% 82% D1% 8B & s = 0

Choose a Community

2 Quotations in paragraph soobschestvovstavlyaem the link above you will need a group!

3 Copy the code

4 go to the console Dalle added a few widgets

5, select the text widget

6 insert the necessary code to you

It’s simple as can see!

3 June 2012

The work of designers RIA Novosti became the winners of the European Awards
Cover of the Tintin comic sold for record $ 1.6 million

• Playboy magazine will be released in 3D-format »»»
“What people would like to see in 3D the most?” - Asks the publisher of Playboy Hugh Hefner.
• Members called for a boycott of YouTube because of the new design »»»
Many YouTube users do not like the new design of video sources.
• Facebook Add emoticons to chat. As a smiley face, you can also add user photos »»»
In the chat you can now use Facebook emoticons (smileys). In the lower right corner of the chat menu appears with the most common emoticons.
• Rebranding the site Times Online has contributed significantly to increase his popularity »»»
Rebranding the site Times Online, worth 10 million pounds ($ 19.
• Google is changing its home page design »»»
The world’s largest Internet search engine Google in the near future will change the design of its home page - these changes will be most severe in the history of the portal.