Cover of the Tintin comic sold for record $ 1.6 million

The album cover of the comic adventures of a Belgian reporter Tintin[/[t:tag slug=tintin]Tintin on Saturday, June 2, was sold at auction for a record $ 1.3 million euros ($ 1.6 million). It is reported by Agence France-Presse.

This is the figure covers the first edition of the album “Tintin in America” ​​in 1932. The creator of the series about the adventures of Tintin, the Belgian artist Erzhe, painted this painting, using ink and gouache. In the center - Tintin, dressed as a cowboy. He sits on a rock next to him lies his fox terrier Mila, and the background are seen the Indians, who are selected to the heroes behind the rocks.

The drawing was one of the lots at auction, “the universe is the creator of Tintin” (L’univers du createur de Tintin), arranged by the French auction house Articurial. The organizers hoped the auction, the price of the lot exceeds one million euros. The buyer wished to remain anonymous figure.

The previous owner of the album cover of “Tintin in America” ​​also bought it at auction. In 2008 he gave a lot more than 700 000 euros, which was then considered a record price for the drawing Erzhe.

3 June 2012

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