In the center of Moscow will install 30,000 columns to enclose the sidewalks from cars

The authorities of the Central Administrative District (CAD) have completed the installation of the columns that prevent parking on the sidewalks, until 25 August, said the prefect of the Central District of Sergei Baidakova.

“We understand that it is necessary to divide the space for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians for the personal. We have to assume this program was, in all areas will be about 30 thousand columns, through which we will protect personal space walkers. All will employ about 150 streets and junctions. We conclude this work by August 25, “- said Baidakov.

Earlier, the Moscow authorities have stated that the work will end by the end of September. The installation of the columns, the City plans to spend 104 million rubles.

He also stressed that motorists who are accustomed to parking on the sidewalks and down the columns, provides administrative and criminal liability.

6 August 2012

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