Publius wins: Central Bank organized a simulation of public discussion, putting a sign next to normal obviously impassable candidates

Emil Yakupov, director of “ParaType”, Russia’s largest producer of fonts, wrote to me: “There’s four completely useless character and de facto sign of appreciation. Impression that the central bank wants to take an existing sign, but for the cleanliness of the procedure shall vote by placing a close to a normal sign of knowingly impassable candidates. Quite logical behavior, in my opinion. Looks, however, bluntly. ”

… But I voted against all the options. And now I want to remind - let’s probably too late - that the two type designer, is not recognized by the community less than Tarbeyev and supporters of the “conventional” sign, offered a more acceptable options. I am not talking about design, and about the ideology of the character. Zodiac’s got to reflect Russia’s place in the financial world, and that you do not nibble sunflower seeds.

Thought Tagira Safaeva evolved so. Vladimir Efimov offered here is a sign.

Both of them better than the version that is about to be adopted, because they are based on the Latin letter R. If Russia were at least some hope of an important role in the global economy, the fact that to make the ruble a reserve currency, you need a character to be understood in London, New York and Singapore. The Chinese yuan, which is on the ruble way toward becoming a global reserve currency, the Latin character, as well as the Japanese yen. No character.

The same Gordon wrote shortly before the agreed “Cyrillic” sign, “read the sign as a foreigner Latin P. Our currency, respectively - Publius, Puble. (However, a decent name. Translated from the Latin kitchen” people. “And do not the “Putin ruble” as everyone thought). ”

Publius? Well, okay, the designers decided. Gordon again, “put up a sign next to the numbers (and presenting them at the price tag in N), realized that the Latin there is absolutely out of place. We live in a closed country with a closed culture. Have to admit, let me personally this fact deeply unattractive . in the outer circulation will have to admit that our currency - pesos, or Publius. ”
I left the first two characters of the proposed CBA, as most of votes, and the two characters of the services offered in this article.

7 November 2013

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