Company Yesson. Design as a collection.

Design approach built on innovation, though is useful for professional development, but ineffective in terms of quality and speed. Independent search solutions are winding paths and sometimes can lead to interesting discoveries. However, in a particular task requires high efficiency and meaningfulness of each change to the design element.

Therefore, it is important to make the best use of experience gained over the history of design. We can say that the professionalism in this area is 70% of the knowledge and skills to use existing resources.

Not so long ago we joined the network Pinterest and carefully collect there all the best from the world of art and design, than now would like to share.

30 November 2013

Garden paths with their own hands
” onmouseover=”’#ebeff9′” onmouseout=”’#fff’”>In Kaliningrad, learned to “draw” sites.

• Website design as a company presentation on the Internet - will work or not? »»»
Develop a web-site at the industry today wrapped in legends, most of all, in terms of pricing.
• DVR Dahua (Atis) DVR0404LE-AS »»»
DVR Dahua (Atis) DVR0404LE-A: 4 video channels and 4 audio channels.
• In Pakistan, created the Muslim Facebook »»»
Six young professionals in the field of IT from Lahore launched a project called Millatfacebook, which is the Muslim equivalent of the popular social network.
• Social network MySpace has changed the design »»»
One of the largest in the world of social networking, MySpace, on June 18 has changed the design of a simpler and more understandable.
• Google is changing its home page design »»»
The world’s largest Internet search engine Google in the near future will change the design of its home page - these changes will be most severe in the history of the portal.