” onmouseover=”this.style.backgroundColor=’#ebeff9′” onmouseout=”this.style.backgroundColor=’#fff’”>In Kaliningrad, learned to “draw” sites.

Long years of being in it-technologies in Kaliningrad more notice that the design, the development of various projects ah-ti did not give due importance. Whether it has not reached remote regions fashion beautiful sites, or expensive for us such a luxury … Analyzing the market, you will notice that there are sites in the regions up to 10 thousand rubles, if it does at all templates, or a maximum of up to 100 thousand rubles, but this is a large and highly abstruse portal. In metropolitan cities everything is different, remember leading web studio in Moscow, still the price, but there are level! And most importantly a pleasure to be on the site! Sorry, that’s just creating a capital “holders business” thinking about his form. It would be necessary. Breaking a long time and regions, including Kaliningrad. Although appeared in Kaliningrad decent web studio, for example digital agency “Skyneex”, which a lot of great work. Perhaps a start! But to develop a direction for a long time!

31 January 2014

Company Yesson. Design as a collection.
Russia’s armed forces will mark the blue-red star

• Création et promotion de sites. Optimisation pour les recherches. Création d'un site dans Biisk. »»»
Développement Web, promotion des sites, l’optimisation du site pour les mots de recherche.
• Studio Privé création de sites Web. »»»
Young Design Studio Web-couchette est le développement de sites. Ainsi que le déploiement de l’Internet et accompagné par des sites prêts à l’emploi.
• The First Lady of Chechnya has demonstrated its collection of fashion for Muslim women in Dubai »»»
The First Lady of Chechnya has demonstrated its collection of fashion for Muslim women.
• Creation and promotion of sites. Optimization for search. Creating a site in Biisk. »»»
Web development, promotion of sites, site optimization for search words.
• Company Yesson. Design as a collection. »»»
Design approach built on innovation, though is useful for professional development, but ineffective in terms of quality and speed.