Russia’s armed forces will mark the blue-red star

Russian Ministry of Defense has approved a new sign[/t:[t:tag slug=armiya-rossii]sign army reported June 19 of the press service and information department. Official presentation of the sign “Russian Army” will be held on June 21 at the suburban landfill Alabino.

The ceremony will be attended by soldiers and military equipment. For holiday guests will perform famous Russian artists and youth groups. In addition, battle tanks T-72 “stations” for viewers waltz and the military Airborne desantiruyutsya with flags “Russian Army” and arrange performances on fighting. At the end of the presentation fly Su-25, and an air group “Russian Knights” aerobatics show.

The “Russian Army” developed subordinate staff the Russian Defense Ministry Design Bureau. “He is a classic pentacle, which crosses the horizontal confident, emphasizing stability, support and dignity” - according to the site office.

When forming the image of the future character designers took as a basis the five-pointed star, which for three thousand years is seen as a symbol of protection and security. The “Russian Army” means moving forward and striving for new goals.

The new symbol can be seen on military vehicles, which participated in the military parade on Red Square on May 9, 2014. Furthermore, it is widely used in the manufacture aways.

19 June 2014

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