Lexus has created a car running out of cardboard

The company Lexus has created a working copy of the board of the car Lexus IS called “The Origami Car”, according to the portal Techradar.

As the newspaper writes, cardboard sedan has been created in collaboration with specialized companies LaserCut Works, Scales and Models, and cardboard manufacturer DS Smith.

The project lasted for three months. To create a cardboard cars equipped with working headlamps, a team of experts in 1700 took the cardboard sheets with thickness of 10 millimeters.

In addition, due to the frame of steel and aluminum, which formed the basis of The Origami Car, managed to secure the motor.

“In the process, there were a few rehearsals, because we had to work with the utmost precision - with the same accuracy as when working on a real car Lexus”, - told the publication director of the Daily Mail Scales and Models Company, Ruben Marcos.

According to the creators, the design of the car they were inspired by the Japanese art of origami. At the same time a reference to the task, which offer machine builders factories Lexus to develop finger dexterity. They must lay down their paper origami figure of a cat, using the non-dominant hand. In the quest is given 90 seconds.

7 October 2015

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