All-metal housing (40 years old the first CSF)

Eccentric Greek architect Aristide Antonas pereoborudovniya introduced the concept of a home oil tanks. What is now being touted as the solution to trendy, the USSR produced on an industrial scale.

Exactly 40 years ago, 21 DOZ-CSF released the first product that has been used for many years in the vast northern oil industry prostorah.Izdelie has been called “The cylindrical building blocks.” The first home-barrel in 1975 made the 21-DOSE (Sokolsky woodworking plant). After some improvements were famous CSF-2M. The conducted experiments showed that the oil, placed in the cylinder at home are able to live at ambient temperatures down to minus 65 ° C and a wind of 60 m / s.

10 October 2015

Lexus has created a car running out of cardboard

• Company Yesson. Design as a collection. »»»
Design approach built on innovation, though is useful for professional development, but ineffective in terms of quality and speed.
• In Moscow, will not be the largest skyscraper in the world. Tower "Russia", "shortened" by 40% »»»
The city authorities have approved a new plan to build a skyscraper, “Russia” in the “Moscow City”.
• Capital alter the historical appearance - replica replacing historic building. Tourists will soon have nothing to show »»»
The distortion of the historical image of Moscow began in the early twentieth century, when the city constructed multi-storey apartment houses.
• Warranty 4 years on the light - really? »»»
Now, most people when buying coverage for their properties has purchased products from Asian manufacturers for its low price.
• Summit participants prepared in Rostov-on-Don "Potemkin villages" - remonted buildings draped with rags »»»
We even before the summit preoccupied question that they are going to show in Rostov for his guests.